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Meet Patrick Anderson

Who is this guy? Why would any CEO worth his salt want to listen to his advice? What the heck has he ever done that makes him qualified as an expert on how to grow and position a technology company into a recognized leader within the industry?

One day, Al Gore invented the Internet... and in 1995, Patrick Anderson jumped in with both feet -- launching ADNet International -- a highly successful web design firm with over 20 employees, and an interactive ad agency that is recognized as a pioneer in the development of innovative video and advertising technologies... bringing on-demand programming and streaming multimedia to the Internet.

Since 1996, Patrick Anderson has been a thought leader in the affiliate marketing space — developing software and strategies that helped to define the industry. Mr. Anderson is the author and publisher of several books on affiliate marketing and e-commerce sales strategies, including "The Complete Insiders' Guide to Affiliate Programs", "Winning the Affiliate Game", "Right on the Money: E-Commerce Affiliate Strategies", and "Video Marketing Strategies for Web Designers". He has been the featured guest speaker at several Affiliate Marketing seminars, and drew a "sold out" crowd of over 2,000 people at Wembley Stadium in London.

    In 2018, we will continue adding features to our Ad Serving technology, with more Geo-Performance functionality and automated Ad Creation tools. One reviewer called our soon-to-be-released system "the Next-Generation Evolution of Advertising, with Advanced Geo-Intelligence, Audience Engagement, and Real-Time ROI Performance Results".

    NOTE: We are selectively inviting affiliate partners and emerging technology companies to participate in a Mastermind Group of seasoned Internet marketers who are pushing these tools to the limit.

    PLUS: New clients and political candidates can take advantage of our Email Marketing Platform, and deliver their message to our proprietary lists of 26 million consumers and 12 million political campaign contributors.

  • 1995: Developed interactive websites for AT&T, VISA and official licensees of the 1996 Olympics, created the Authentic Olympic Games Collection website, the second most popular Olympic Games website, along with a video that became part of the national school curriculum.

  • 1996: Won two of PC Magazine's Top 10 Awards for best online virtual reality 3D worlds, featuring interactive VRML shopping experience and ecommerce sales of CDs and DVDs.

  • 1997: Developed the first Audio Banner ads, and became the exclusive provider of Audio Banners for Yahoo. Launched campaigns with Simmons Beautyrest, to coincide with national radio spots.

  • 1998: Created viral marketing campaigns that brought millions of people to streaming video simulcasts for Paul McCartney's Standing Stone concert at Carnegie Hall and the Country Music Awards.

  • 1999: Developed the 2nd largest MP3 site, ranked by HitBox, starting at 1 million visitors in its first month of operations.

  • 2000: Launched the world's 3rd largest interstitial network, delivering 8 million unique visitors per day, utilizing a state-of-the-art custom server array.

  • 2001: Agency of Record for American Express 2001 to 2005. Designed and developed affiliate marketing program and email Best Practices. Won Affiliate Program of the Year award four years in a row. Increased American Express Cardmember acquisition from 10,000 to 200,000 customers in 1 year through tested, proven strategies.

  • 2002: Launched, ranked as the 7th largest search engine, with over 60 million unique visitors per month, placing it in the Top 50 Jupiter Media Metrix site list

  • 2002: Developed patent pending Demand Lab technology designed to automatically optimize and statistically measure website design patterns for its effect on eMarketing success, earning millions in ad revenue by matching targeted traffic to the right advertisers in proprietary Active Marketplace affiliate network.

  • 2002: Developed with incentivized e-commerce purchases, which became the fastest growing site on the Internet according to Jupiter Media Metrix

  • 2003: Developed technology to deliver full-motion video email to proprietary 32 million opt-in email list for Arista Records,, and TV shows like Wheel of Fortune, Everyone Loves Raymond, and Hollywood Squares

  • 2004: Developed MyPCTV video distribution platform for 20th Century Fox, which delivered full-screen movie trailers in DVD quality direct to the users desktop.

  • 2005: Coordinated all media buys for the launch of Yahoos dating channel and doubled sales of Network Solutions affiliate program through strategic positioning and development of ad server with real-time fraud prevention.

  • 2006: Partnered with Don Kirshner to bring TV to the Internet with syndicated video distribution platform that delivered fullscreen DVD quality MTV-style programming alongside targeted advertising each week at pre-scheduled timeslots.

  • 2006: Created innovative ways to put Kirshner Internet TV software in the hands of consumers... on "Top of Pops" DVDs placed on soda lids at movie theaters, and as "Ticket Stub" DVDs passed out at concerts.

  • 2007: Developed Side-By-Side search for Yahoo, a downloadable desktop application that delivered site-targeted overlay ads and keyword- triggered Yahoo search results that displayed alongside results from other search engines.

  • 2007: Developed Play TV, a web video broadcasting network for eWorldCompanies, and the Boomerang multimedia station, a downloadable floating toolbar with built-in HD video player and site targeted ad server.

  • 2008: Bought 60% of all available co-reg data. Scrubbed and resold data, and delivered daily to email list buyers and mailing list brokers.

  • 2009: Developed e-Health affiliate network, launching exclusive offers including health insurance, drug cards, and weight loss products, cross-promoting across several affiliate networks.

  • 2010: Developed an on-demand video training library and remote Coaching Platform for Workplace Training Institute, with over 3,000 instructional videos.

  • 2011: Founded to produce new media, while working with and iDiscovery TV to develop Social TV networks that featured emerging technology and promoted industry thought leaders.

  • 2012: Created a software division, called to create mobile apps for local business & deliver thousands of app downloads to app developers. See the innovative work we are doing with attorneys and download the industry White Paper & Research Report at

  • 2013: Launched, a collaborative "Think Tank" Mastermind Group of personal injury attorneys, to develop new technology and define "best practices" for accident/safety apps, client referrals, streamlined settlement systems, case-building tools, and automated Video Demand presentations.

  • 2014: Rolled out, the ONLY performance-based VIP "Managed" Marketing Platform of its kind — in the world — with Custom Audience module, Automated Ad Creation tools, and Geo-Fencing functionality. Capable of delivering 32 billion ad impressions in any combination of social, mobile, PPC, video, and click-to-call campaigns.

  • 2015: Trained a highly motivated team of ad agency executives, media brokers, and Internet marketing experts with a proven track record of achieving results using the latest ad innovations from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and display/banner traffic from 12 of the highest ranked mobile ad networks. Learn more about our networks, along with the reach and exposure we bring to brands and affiliate partners.

  • 2016: Geo-fenced the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, capturing 70% of the device IDs from all of the delegates and attendees. Learn more about our Winning Strategies For Political Campaigns and how we influence elections.

  • 2017: Developed a Geo-Solutions ad server and rolled out GeoAI, with Advanced Intelligence to Geo-Conquest competitive local businesses — along with Audience Involvement that targets consumers at the home-level.


I am looking for innovators and highly creative individuals with drive and passion who want to turn their ideas into reality. Together we can create the future, while wrapping all of my resources around your killer concept -- creating a "win-win" opportunity to launch your ad campaign and make you the next industry superstar.

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