Performance-Based Ad Marketing Platform

Mobile Marketing Platform

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Mobile Marketing Platform
We empower organizations, brand professionals and agencies alike to create, launch, and manage powerful mobile marketing campaigns directly from the cloud. We combine actionable data produced from our campaigns with other systems such as a POS or CRM to fuel intelligent marketing and sales activities.

Mobile Campaign Management
Orchestrate mobile campaigns across all channels and mediums from one central dashboard. Understand and manage campaign analytics in real-time by having the data and marketing insights you need in order to make decisions during the campaign lifecycle, improving overall performance.

Mobile Relationship Management
Mobile empowers today's consumers to be more connected than ever. Adding mobile to a multi-channel approach is a critical element in order to achieve mobile marketing success. We connect the dots across all campaign initiatives creating a unified approach allowing you to have a full understanding of customer relationships as you tell the story of your brand.

Mobile Marketing Consulting
With a plethora of mobile marketing tools and a team of mobile experts, ADMarketing Pros has the ability to custom-tailor your next mobile marketing campaign, no matter what the size or the objective. We welcome you to challenge us. Give us your toughest mobile marketing objective and we will solve it for you. We take great pride in the results we produce and the long-term relationships we build with clients. We understand the importance of meeting the exclusive needs of each and every business; there's NO one-size-fits-all with us!

Mobile Marketing API
Let our feature-rich API power your applications. Easily build mobile marketing experiences that deploy across multiple device landscapes. Drive results and deliver powerful mobile marketing data directly to your own CRM or business applications.

Advertising from the Cloud
The ADMarketing Pros platform is built with an API architecture and technology stack that is designed for any sized business or enterprise with customizable options that can target any mobile user experience. Our platform empowers brands professionals and agencies alike to create and launch powerful mobile marketing and advertising campaigns right from the cloud. Easily create, deploy, and manage all your mobile marketing campaigns from one single platform that delivers superior results.

Features and Benefits
  • Tools and resources available to enhance your traditional advertising methods to the world of mobile.
  • Monitor, manage, and measure mobile campaigns effectiveness.
  • Deploy campaigns from the cloud. Providing you the ability to target multiple device types and formats each tailored with a unique customer experience to maximize effectiveness.
  • Create mobile websites to provide consumers a way to visit your website with their mobile devices.
  • Create a mobile call to action and make your advertising interactive. Use mobile keywords and QR Codes and get consumers to interact with your brand.
  • We are a full-service software development solution provider, ADMarketing Pros can design, build, test, implement and support your native mobile applications.
  • Engage consumers with mobile call-to-actions: QR Codes, Mobile Keywords, Short URL's, and NFC Tags. allowing consumers to easily discover your campaigns using their mobile devices.
Compatible with all major mobile ad networks
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • AdMob
  • Pandora
Even works with advertising mediums such as: Print, Radio, & Television.

Mobile Marketing
Build campaigns quickly & easily. With our mobile marketing platform you can now build and deploy mobile marketing campaigns across multiple technologies and screen sizes straight from the cloud. Use the ADMarketing Pros campaign builder to boost your brand's awareness and increase customer acquisition & retention strategies. Quickly create mobile landing pages, loyalty programs, fundraisers, event invitations, deals, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, surveys, polls, social interactions, video promotions, and much more designed for any mobile device or tablet. Best of all, it does not require you to have an existing mobile app or website! Each mobile campaign that you create is available from the cloud. We provide you with a broad array of mobile call-to-actions that engage audiences. For each mobile campaign launched from our platform you receive:

  • QR Code - Great for direct mail and print advertising.
  • Short URL - Works with Google Ads, Google AdMob, Facebook Ads.
  • NFC Tag - Great for offline media, trade-show booths, and storefronts.
  • Mobile Keyword - Great for print, radio, and television.
Your mobile campaigns from the cloud along with engaging mobile call-to-actions create a powerful combination of marketing tools that you control, and customize. Leading to faster deployments, reduced costs, and the benefit of covering all mobile devices and tablets. ADMarketing Pros's mobile marketing campaigns from the cloud keep your brand connected with your customers.

Mobile Relationship Management (MRM)
Mobile empowers today's consumers to be more connected than ever. As consumers move seamlessly across their digital channels, marketers often organize campaigns in silos and fail to lead with the consumers connected behavior. Gone are the days where organizations rely on one medium such as email or social marketing to drive consumer engagement. Having a multi-channel approach to your marketing strategy is now vital to the life of your brand. However, this approach commonly leads to internal marketing teams competing for the same customer. Mobile provides us with the opportunity to continuously stay in touch with consumers in order to build long term relationships.
Our Approach.
ADMarketing Pros's approach starts with the customer. We help our clients identify and reveal the customer's mobile behavior and connect this with the organizations overall marketing objectives to fuel a unified mobile experience across all channels. Weaving mobile throughout the entire journey is a critical element in order to achieve campaign success. With our mobile marketing platform we connect the dots across all campaign initiatives. This unified approach allows us to fuel an organizations current POS or CRM system with actionable data about a customers mobile activity to intelligently increase marketing results. Whether your mobile campaigns need to be integrated with an existing system already in place, or would like to leverage our platform capabilities, having the ability to understand and manage your relationships with customers is vital when bringing mobile into you multi-channel marketing initiatives.

Mobile Consulting
You might just say we're a pretty big deal when it comes to mobile. ADMarketing Pros is passionate about mobile marketing and its limitless potential. We take pride in the long-term relationships we build with each of our clients. Our teams are tailored to meet the exclusive needs that focus on solving key client challenges. With mobile marketing now more important than ever, we will help you build and sustain more profitable mobile strategies that achieve high success rates--resulting in a significantly better return on your marketing investments.
We challenge you to challenge us. Give us your toughest or most creative mobile marketing campaign and we will solve it for you. We stride toward solving business challenges not away from them.

Mobile Marketing Insights
ADMarketing Pros's reporting and analytics are where the art of mobile meets the science of marketing. We give you the ability to prove the impact of your mobile marketing campaigns. Reliable and actionable analytics are increasingly more important when driving successful mobile strategy. Our reports are generated in real-time with up-to-the-minute results that fuel intuitive dashboards providing the detailed insights organizations demand. We answer all the tuff questions in order to drive cycles of continuous improvement. Powerful Insights Lead to More Successful Mobile Campaigns We provide detailed analytics that stretch beyond conventional measurement. With the ADMarketing Pros mobile marketing platform data spanning across your mobile website, mobile application, and mobile communications can be effectively measured in one easy user to use interface. Understand SMS and MMS delivery effectiveness. Identify which mobile app push messages are most effective. Learn exactly what your users are doing when they browse your mobile website. Gauge levels of engagement such as how long are users using my apps and what time of day, how often is my app opened and was it even opened at all? We can even provide you where the app is used from, what are the age and gender demographics along with providing you exactly what users are clicking on.

Developer API
ADMarketing Pros's feature-rich API allows anyone to harness the power of building and measuring mobile marketing campaigns within the cloud from your own applications. Easily build mobile marketing experiences that deploy across multiple device landscapes, including mobile, tablet, desktop, and TV. Drive engagement with our API and deliver powerful mobile marketing tools to your existing CRM or applications. We provide a wide range of API methods and data, which improve the way our clients build and deploy mobile marketing strategies. What you can do with the ADMarketing Pros API

  • Build Mobile Campaigns
  • Manage Mobile Campaigns
  • Access Data & Analytics
  • Enhance Your Native Mobile Applications
  • Send & Receive Text Messages
Example 1: Automatically generate and deliver mobile coupons based on activity from your CRM.
Example 2: Boost customer engagement by turning your existing mobile applications into a campaign powerhouse.
Drive customer engagement, enhance existing relationships, and deliver valuable professional mobile marketing campaigns from anywhere.